Radical Love

I am Azania Tripp, I am the creator of ObsidianPause. I make one of a kind lightweight collage earrings and visual art pieces from recycled paper. My work represents my community, my own innocence, my loneliness, and my subconsciousness. When I am making collage pieces, I have sole control over my world. I often feel incompetent and confined from the stress of social work, and the systemic oppression I face as a Black, Eurasian young woman. Making wearable art pieces helps me breathe with mindfulness. Each piece of work is unique and exclusively one of a kind. I use paper from my travels from Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Sydney, Australia, New York, Minnesota, and Michigan. I have taught myself how to make meaningful collages and encased each piece in resin. My art is a microcosm of my chosen utopian world using radical self-love esthetic. When I am making earrings and other visual work, I am limitless and powerful.
 I currently live in South Minneapolis, Minnesota a few blocks from the site of George Floyd’s murder. After his murder, and that of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, I have been creating pieces that specifically focus on the empowerment of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BlPOC). This transition is an explicit form of activism for the legacy and sustainability of BIPOC in spite of the brutality of historical trauma. ObsidianPause is a form of counter-culture with an emphasis on Afrofuturism. My work is me, it is one of a kind and full of bountiful love.

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